Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Announcement: Here Is The Reaction Of Amy Hennig

The approach chosen by the heads of Electronic Arts to shape the Jedi Fallen Order project seems to have caught Amy Hennig by surprise. The author of the previous Star Wars game canceled by EA has in fact discussed with colleagues about the new Respawn adventure.

“It is rather strange,” said the author of the first chapters of the Uncharted series referring to the methods chosen by EA to announce Jedi Fallen Order with messages on social media that underline its exclusively singleplayer nature and disconnected from microtransactions : “I have to be honest, it was strange to see how they announced it on Twitter, I think it certainly is part of the plan but I don’t know if there is an implicit reference to the previous comments and events that led to the closure of our project (the one Hennig was working on together) to Visceral Games, ed)”.

“This sector changes so fast” , the author added, stating that “in my time in EA we had to always go back on our steps to be able to keep up with the publisher’s requests. Everyone tries to figure out which is the right path to follow, and I also think that the Respawn game has the advantage of being in development since before the acquisition of EA, is a project of Vince Zampella and can protect it because it is part of EA’s executive team “ .

Despite the emotional waste left by the closure of Visceral Games and the cancellation of his video game set in the distant distant galaxy of Star Wars, Amy Hennig tries to observe Respawn Entertainment’s new project from a different point of view, concluding that “maybe this is just a demonstration of EA’s strategy change “ .

The release of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is scheduled for November 15 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. On these pages, you will find our special on the Respawn Force signed by Gabriele Laurino which analyzes the title and the approach adopted by the developers to give shape to this ambitious adventure.