The Iconic Theme Of Game Of Thrones Recreated With The Overwatch Piano

After eight long years, Winter has finally arrived: the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, one of the biggest television phenomena we have seen in recent years, has officially begun with the first episode available from today, Monday, April 15th

To celebrate the highly anticipated return of the HBO series, a player recreated the famous opening theme of the show (composed by Ramin Djawadi) using the piano located on Overwatch ‘s Paris map. Showing an ability (and patience) certainly not indifferent, the Rodrigo Lelles fan struck the keys of the instrument with Sombra’s gun and subsequently pigeon-holed the notes of the austere melody through the magic of editing. It will not have the epic tones of the original composition, but it is still remarkable what the user has managed to achieve: you can see the final result through the movie that we have reported on top of the news.

Keeping in mind Game of Thrones, we point out that Sony has launched a promotional initiative offering its customers avatars and a dynamic theme based on the show. It is currently necessary to have a US profile to redeem these bonuses, but it is not excluded that the company also expands the promotion to European PlayStation 4 owners