Death Stranding Could Be Released On Both Playstation 4 And PS5

Death Stranding

Among the many topics covered by Mark Cerny during the interview with Wired dedicated to PS5 (complete with technical specifications ), they could not miss the references to Death Stranding and the rumors that they would like the new blockbuster by Hideo Kojima published both on PlayStation 4 than on PS5.

To the explicit question whether Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding could fit into Sony’s next-gen plans and that, as a result, we could see it in a dual version for PS4 and PS5, a Sony spokesman at the interview reported to the editors of Wired that the title will be published on PlayStation 4.

As the journalists of the Californian technology magazine point out, however, the response of the Sony representative was accompanied by Mark Cerny with a sly smile that suggests the cross-generational nature of the highly anticipated project of Metal Gear’s father.

The same Cerny, on the other hand, wanted to reiterate that some PS4 games will come out on PS5 in an “evolved” form, presumably with a genuinely next-gen graphics compartment and new features: in this particular category the Ghost of projects could be included Tsushima , The Last of Us Part 2 and, indeed, Death Stranding.