Farewell To Old HDDs: Playstation 5 Will Be Equipped With A Loyal SSD

After announcing that PS5 will not be released in 2019 and will be backward compatible with the entire PlayStation 4 game library, Sony’s Mark Cerny shared some information on the console’s technical specifications and confirmed the abandonment of mechanical hard drives.

L ‘ goodbye to the old HDD will be definitive and will cover all of PS5 models: the next-gen system of Sony mount in fact an SSD (with dimensions that have yet to be defined) to allow a faster access to game data and, consequently, of substantially reduced loadings than experienced in the titles of this generation of consoles.

As illustrated by Cerny, the advantage in terms of performance will be obvious: based on tests conducted on Marvel’s Spider-Man, the designer and programmer of Sony reveal that on the PlayStation 4 the loading of the Manhattan gaming area required roughly 15 seconds. Running the same build on a PS5 development kit, the results were incredible: loading the same game area as the Insomniac Games free roaming blockbuster took only 0.8 seconds, and this without considering the fact that the trial was conducted on a backward compatible title and not on a native PS5 game.