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Fortnite World Cup: Here Are The First Qualified, A Player Banned For Cheating

The qualifications for the Fortnite World Cup have now begun, as we saw in the previous Ninja news. The first players have qualified and will be able to participate in the final phase – remember, for thirty million dollars – next July.

Fortnite players, as you know, can participate in qualifying tournaments held every weekend. They started last April 13th and will continue until June 16th.

In addition to the big names, the Epic title allows everyone to try their luck and there are many lesser-known players trying to win their place in the final phase of the championship.

Among the names that have sprung up this weekend, there are also those of Vivid from Team Liquid and Bizzle, of Ghost. These are two of the greatest players who saw each other in the two days of competition.

Next, to them, there are also other players, perhaps less known to the crowd. Here, therefore, the first qualified for the World Cup: Slaya (Oceania); TQ Prison3RO (Europe); Gambit. Letw1k3 (Europe); Trainh DRG (Europe); Dubs FN (NA); Top_FaxFox (Asia); NRG Benjyfish (Europe); LDLC Nayte (Europe); Quasar Leloe (Brazil); 100Thieves Ceice (NA); Bloom Riversan (NA); E11 Stompy (Europe); Hreds Belaeu (Europe); DiegoGB (Europe); Sen Bugha (NA); TSM_Comadon (NA); Snow XD (NA).

Furthermore, it seems that a player of Team Kaliber, Jonathan “JonnyK” Kosmala has cheated during a qualifying match for the World Cup. How did they discover the deception? It seems that the modder who created and sold the cheats to the player was working with a YouTuber called The Fortnite Guy, who didn’t think twice about making a video by putting it on the net.

The player was banned and dismissed by Team Kaliber.

The Fortnite World Cup finals will be held in New York from Friday 26 July to Sunday 28 July, with Solo and Duo tournaments, plus of course a series of side activities that will involve fans of the Epic Games battle royale.

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