Fortnite World Cup: Ninja Still A Victim Of Stream Sniping During Qualifying?

Fortnite Ninja

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, as well as many other famous streamers (just think of Tfue, who recently announced his goodbye to competitions), is constantly the victim of practice all too popular: stream sniping.

The boy, in fact, during a match valid for the Fortnite World Cup qualification last weekend seems to have been targeted just by a player who probably eliminated him cheating.

” I need a 20-point match, ” said the famous streamer . ” So I need eight kills and one victory .”

Ninja, however, did not come to terms with a player who was waiting for him at the gate and, during the construction phase, the streamer was eliminated.

The surprise painted on his face says it all. Baffled, Ninja expressed all his doubts about the actual lawfulness of the opponent’s conduct. “I have no idea where this guy comes from … But here he is, that’s his second Rift “.

The replay analysis of the last actions of the game seems to leave some suspicion on what happened. However, Ninja will still have plenty of time to make up and try again to gain access to the final round of the New York World Cup next July.