PS5: Sony Reveals The Console’s Technical Specifications!

Not content with the media hype aroused by the announcement of the compatibility of PS VR with PS5 and the confirmation that Sony’s next-gen console will not be released in 2019, Sony’s Mark Cerny takes advantage of the interview granted to Wired to provide a series of interesting details on the PS5 technical specifications.

As explained by the programmer and designer of Sony, in its next generation the Black Monolith will be equipped with a Zen 2 CPU (with 7-nanometer and 8-core production process) and with an AMD Navi video card that will support Ray Tracing technology ( we do not know, however, whether by means of special Tensor Core or other techniques such as those adopted by Nvidia for the RTX and GTX GPUs with Pascal and Turing architecture). As for the hard drive, Mark Cerny confirms that all PS5 models marketed by Sony will have a solid-state hard drive, a loaned SSD that will allow faster data access and significantly reduced loadings.

The backward compatibility with the entire PlayStation 4 video game library is also confirmed (again, we do not know if this function will also be extended to PS3, PS2 and PSX titles) and support for resolutions up to 8K.