SNK Announces A New Metal Slug For Consoles And Neo Geo 2 And 3

Metal Slug

At the last meeting with shareholders, SNK Corporation CEO Ge Zhihui announced some interesting new features, including a Metal Slug for consoles and the development of two new Neo Geo consoles.

SNK is currently working on a new Metal Slug for consoles, during the financial meeting it was confirmed that the project is not linked to Metal Slug Mobile developed by Tencent, after Samurai Shodown and The King of Fighters the company will bring this life back to life as a well-beloved franchise.

Other news concerns the confirmation of two devices called “Neo Geo 2 and Neo Geo 3”, independent platforms not linked to the Neo Geo Mini, a device that ” sold beyond the expectations of the company “, as confirmed by the SNK president.

Finally, it is announced that SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy has exceeded 300,000 copies sold worldwide since its launch, which took place in September 2018 on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.