Export Events Through VR: The Immersive Dream Of Sony

Sony has filed a patent application for a system that, if implemented, will allow the public to remotely view an export event via a VR viewer. As reported in the project, the system would use cameras placed at strategic points of the arena such as stands, player positions, stalls and stage.

The viewer owners could, therefore, be able to see the event from a privileged point of view, as well as “navigate” in the arena at 360 degrees. The innovation conceived by Sony, to reduce everything to a minimum, would simulate an immersive experience and would not be limited to implementing traditional streaming in VR.

The patent application was found by UploadVR and describes some potential features of the cameras. Those installed on the chairs in the stalls, on the other hand, may be able to automatically detect when a place is occupied, in order to change perspective from the public from home.

Furthermore, this system could allow spectators to switch to spectator mode, and it seems they will also be able to use augmented reality technology to keep the game and participants under control while maintaining an overall view of the arena.

The patent application mentions a ” PlayStation Plus League “, which refers to the Sony subscription, so it could not only be something exclusive but also represent the beginning of big investments in the export by Sony.

Who knows, maybe we can see the system in action already with the next generation PlayStation.

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