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Fortnite 8.40: All The New Features Of The Battle Royale Mode!

Epic Games today published the Fortnite update 8.40, which brings many new features such as the Real-time Limited Time Mode (LTM) and the Epic and Legendary versions of the Infantry Rifle.

Pilot your X-4 Stormwing in this time mode and fight to the last opponent! Master the skies and complete free challenges to unlock new covers.

Time mode Real aviation

  • Real aviation takes flight as a mode for couples only.
  • Each plane has 3 lives, players regenerate indefinitely until they lose the last life of the plane.
  • Players who touch the ground are eliminated immediately.
  • Parking a plane on the ground for more than a few seconds will blow it up: stay in the air!
  • Hijacking another team’s plane adds that plane to the number of lives on your plane (and will make the team that lost it lose a life on the plane).
  • The Storm has a maximum height that descends gradually during the game. Be careful not to fly too high in the advanced stages of the game!
  • From the sky fall chests of the loot of five different rarities, which allow players to upgrade their weapons and briefly increase the aircraft’s weapons.
  • To get the contents of a chest just cross it.
  • If players receive loot from a treasure chest containing a weapon that already has a version of the same quality or worse, they will receive additional ammunition.
  • Chests containing better quality firearms will automatically replace the lower quality equipped weapon.
  • Floating repair kits can also be found, which treat damaged planes and give health and shields to players.

Infantry rifle

New rare versions of this semi-automatic precision weapon are now available! Find epic / legendary variants to inflict precision damage from a distance.

Weapons and Objects

launcher The egg-launcher-skin is back and everyone loves it! It’s just a graphics modification for the grenade launcher.

Infantry Rifle 
Added epic and legendary Vampafucili variants. Deals 42/44 damage. It is found in the spoils on the ground, in the chests, in supplies deliveries, and in vending machines. Use medium ammunition.

Timed Mode: Battle with Food (Fry)

Two teams on opposite sides of the map. A huge barrier in the center. The lava gradually rises from the bottom. Build a fort to protect your restaurant’s mascot. When the barrier is lowered, destroy the enemy’s mascot and eliminate the remaining enemies to win the game!

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