Fortnite Down April 17: Epic / Legendary Infantry Rifle And New Skins In The Store

This morning Fortnite’s servers will go offline to allow Epic Games to publish the 8.40 update, which should introduce interesting news as well as bug fixes and technical glitches.

At the moment Epic has not confirmed the contents of the 8.40 patch , the only certainty is that today we will see the arrival of the Epic and Legendary versions of the Infantry Rifle rifle, in addition, the developers want to fix the main Fortnite bugs and problems reported by community and for this the update ” will be heavier than usual “, as stated by the Community Manager on Reddit. The official changelog will be released late in the morning, it is not excluded that the update can bring even a special Easter event along with skins and themed items …

Fortnite new skins on April 17th

The news certainly does not end here because like every day the Fortnite shop is updated with skins, hang gliders, emotes, picks, backs and cosmetic items for the Battle Royale mode. Here are all the new contents of April 17th, with relative prices:

  • Team Leader PANDA (Legendary) 2,000 V-Buck
  • Tender Skin Defender (Epic) 1,500 V-Buck
  • Flappy Flyer Glider (Rare) 800 V-Buck
  • Scrambler Pickaxe (Uncommon) 500 V-Buck
  • Volleyball Girl Skin (Rare) 1,200 V-Buck
  • Marino Skin (Rare) 1,200 V-Buc
  • Electro Shuffle Emote (Epic) 800 V-Buck
  • Laugh It Up Emote (Rare) 500 V-Buck
  • Piccone Relax (Rare) 800 V-Buck
  • Fresh Cut Pickaxe (Uncommon) 500 V-Buck

Worth noting is the return of the Legendary Team Leader of the PANDA Team for sale at 2,000 V-Buck and of the tender Epic Level Defender costume, available at 1,500 V-Buck. Also, present new Emotes like Electro Shuffle and Laugh It Up and picks like Relax and Fresh Cut.

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