Fortnite Returns 400 V-Bucks To Those Who Bought The Birdie Skin


Epic Games had to reimburse some users who had purchased a Fortnite skin marked on the shop at the wrong price. This is the skin Birdie, which had not leaked into any of the various leaks on Fortnite update 8.30, but it was recently made available by Epic Games.

Despite the fact that the skin was rare “Uncommon”, which usually cost 800 V-Bucks was still sold in the shop at the price of 1200 V-Bucks, or the price for the next rare skin, “Rara”, in fact. The software house has admitted however that it was a mistake, and has, therefore, proceeded to reimburse the difference of 400 V-Bucks to the players that had already proceeded to the purchase, despite the wrong price.

The only problem was, however, found by those who had given the skin to a friend, and who has not yet received reimbursement from Epic Games. At the moment the situation is not clear, and it could be so much a delay by the software house, as by a possible decision not to reimburse the gifts. We will keep you posted. Did you also encounter the problem? Are you among those who bought, or given the skin?

Meanwhile, Fortnite update 8.40 will arrive today. Stay tuned on our pages to discover all the news on the game!