Fortnite Save The World

Fortnite Save The World: The New Contents Of The Patch 8.40

The popular Epic Games Battle Royale updates with Fortnite patch 8.40, which has made several changes to the game. After seeing the news of the Creative Mode of Fortnite, let’s see now how it changes Save the World!

First of all, the new legendary soldiers and ninja are available, respectively Rabbit Luna Mastino and Ken Lattre, all with Easter-themed advantages, such as egg bombs. The legendary soldier Jonsey rabbit raid is also back.

The new update then sees the return of Let ‘s try the limit, in the Tempesta beta, with a new number of doors per race (from 4 to 6), and a movie to better clarify when the race starts. Once the gold medal is obtained, the Abietti must be prevented from destroying the portal to obtain the platinum badge.

A problem with Blub draws was then solved, and various bugs corrected in general, especially regarding the display of rewards, and those that caused the players to slow down, for example when accessing the increments menu during the game.

The Undo command was added to the equipment selection panel, and the Easter egg spear, which launches egg-mines that explode on contact with enemies, was introduced. It is possible to have up to 6 actives at the same time.

All the improvements and changes to Fortnite update 8.40 are finally available in the official notes patch. What do you think?

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