Fortnite, Shroud Reveals: Many Have Grown Tired, They Will Leave After The World Cup


Michael Grzesiek has revealed that some professional Fortnite players have confronted him to discuss their plans for the World Cup and, apparently, there is no good news.

The player yesterday, during the streaming of Apex Legends, has made public the content of some discussions he had with other professional players.

Shroud claims that the Fortnite World Cup could be the last time we will see many Fortnite players because the frustration with the state of the game is reaching the highest levels. Shroud said, just as others did, that Epic Games doesn’t care about the state of Fortnite.

” A lot of professional players sent me messages saying: Yes, we gave up after the stupidness of the World Cup … and I: Really, they are just throwing more money … “.

One of the most famous players, Turner “Tfue” Tenney of the FaZe Clan, has already stated that he could step back from the competitive scene and focus only on streaming on Twitch. Shroud took great care not to reveal the names of those who expressed their intention to leave the game.

We’ll see how it turns out because the problems of the title are obvious to everyone. Despite this, the qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup started last weekend and will end on June 16th.