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Gears 5 Will Have An Esport Documentary Series On Air From June

Export is an increasingly central point for the communication strategies of developers and publishers. In fact, the presentation of future titles is linked to competitive events and dedicated documentaries. Exactly how it will happen in Gears of War 5.

Turner and ELEAGUE have partnered with The Coalition to promote the export of Gears of War and promote the release of Gears of War 5. The ELEAGUE will produce six episodes lasting an hour of a documentary-cut series entitled “ELEAGUE Gears Summer Series: The Bonds and Traditions of Brotherhood “. The series will air on TBS starting June 14, will follow several professional Gears of War players, show their training methods and follow them during tournaments.

” Bonds and Betrayals of Brotherhood ” will also be at the ELEAGUE Gears Summer Series from 13 to 14 July, where eight teams, including players participating in the project, will compete in the first official Gears of War 5 tournament. The last two episodes of the show they will focus on the key moments of the tournament. The gameplay of Gears of War 5 will instead be shown during the tournament. The event will be shown on Twitch and Turner’s B / R Live.

The developer of Gears of War The Coalition is finishing the second season of the Gears Pro Circuit, but the partnership with ELEAGUE will help keep the fans involved from now and the imminent release of Gears of War 5.


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