New Nintendo Switch Coming? Confirmation Would Come From The 8.0.0 Update

Nintendo Switch Mini

In recent months there has been much discussion about the possibility that Nintendo will market some alternative versions of Switch. There is talk, for example, of a so-called Nintendo Switch Mini, a low-priced console available only in handheld mode.

The Great N has never commented on these rumors, except to disprove them, yet the rumors show no sign of abating. A confirmation that something boiling in the pot seems to even arrive from the latest firmware update, the Switch 8.0.0 update.

Nintendo has made the transfer of data between devices much easier. The thing was actually already possible from the 4.0.0 update, thanks to which users could transfer all their data between two consoles. The new version, on the other hand, allows you to transfer even just a few things, such as game save data. In doing so it is possible for a player, for example, to play a video game on a friend’s console, and then resume that save once they have bought their Nintendo Switch.

The most mischievous, however, saw a reference to a possible arrival of the new range of Switch consoles. In addition to making the transfer of data from one Switch model to another, it opens up a new possibility. For example, if someone wanted to keep their current machine for TV use only and buy a Mini Switch for portable use, it would be much easier, for example, to transfer only the game data they are interested in playing in one of the two modes, instead of all your data.

What do you think? Will we really see the announcement of the new Nintendo consoles in the near future?