Red Dead Online Beta: Package Of Stocks, Bonus Surrender Of The Accounts And Race To The Arms

Rockstar Games announces new content for the Red Dead Online Beta, including a new Inventory Pack, catalog update and bonus in Accounting, Races and Arms Race mode.

This week, pick up a package of stocks in Red Dead Online. Includes a selection of powerful tonics, you can find it at the camp safe or at any post office.

Package of stocks

  • Powerful miracle tonic x3
  • Powerful snake oil x3
  • Powerful medicine x3
  • Powerful serum x3

Catalog updates

Some of our favorite items are back in the Wheeler Rawson & Co Catalog :

  • Alligator hat
  • Ortega waistcoat
  • Skirt with raised hem (only for female characters)
  • Morning coat
  • Strickland boots
  • Fur gloves
  • Concho trousers

Bonus mode of the surrender of accounts, races and arms race

The gains in RDO and $ Gold rose by 50% in Showdown mode, in races and ran to arms. The latest modes are included, such as Scorribanda, Target Races, All in Smoke and War Booty; they are all part of the Rese series of accounts and competitions.

25% discount on ammunition and removal of rank requirements

Eliminate enemies at an affordable price with a 25% discount on ammunition and temporary suspension of the rank requirements needed to obtain them