The Game Boy Turns 30: Boom Of Searches On Ad Sites And Online Markets

Gameboy 1989

It has marked entire generations of gamers and filled the afternoons of millions of children and teenagers in all parts of the world: it is the Game Boy, the historic portable console that, launched on the Japanese market on April 21st, 1989, is now about to turn 30.

And if this console, games and related accessories have been researched more than 100,000 times since the beginning of the year, confirming its timeless appeal, Subito, company no. 1 in Italy to buy and sell online with over 11 million unique monthly users, it recorded a peak in searches on its platform increased by 72% in the first two weeks of April alone.

Currently, there are almost 1,300 items sold between versions of the Game Boy and related games and accessories. Among these, of course, the original consoles stand out, characterized by the gray-cream color, the four buttons, and the black directional cross, with prices ranging from 50 to 360 euros, often combined with the game that was given to the base model, the much loved Tetris. Then there are the colored variants of the Game Boy Pocket, the remodeled version launched in 1996, which on Subito can be found in almost all its versions, including yellow, red, green and blue, as well as an edition limited dedicated to the Florentine realized for the 1998/1999 season that can be purchased at the price of 3,500 euros.

Among the games, there are treasures such as Pokémon Gold and Silver, with prices up to 350 euros, for those who still want to experience thousands of adventures and try to win the much-needed medals needed to become the new Pokémon League champion. But there are also entire stocks that can reach up to 12 games, where alongside the classic Tetris and Super Mario Bros, are offered Batman, Star Wars or Ninja Turtles. Finally, for the more modern, there are also more recent models like the Game Boy Micro in the special edition dedicated to Final Fantasy IV and the DS consoles, for those who want a superior gaming experience thanks to the touch screen.