Will The Last Of Us 2 Also Come Out On Ps5? The Last Scene Was Shot

Neil Druckmann, Game Director of The Last of Us 2, posted on Twitter a page from the last scene of the game script, simply written “The End”, adding that the ending was shot just in the past few hours …

Obviously, there is no other information on the subject, the only certainty is that the final scene of The Last Of Us Part 2 was shot and recorded and probably will soon pass to the editing to be inserted in the game, whose development seems to start in small steps towards its natural conclusion.

When will The Last of Us 2 be released? Difficult to say, also by virtue of the statements of Mark Cerny who spoke of a soft transition between PS4 and PS5, with some current-generation titles that will embrace both platforms. Among these are probably Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima, and many think that even the game Naughty Dog can come out on overalls and two Sony consoles.

We just have to wait to learn more, probably more details on The Last of Us Part 2 will be revealed in the coming months, almost certainly before the end of the year.