Fallout 76: The New Dungeon Does Not Convince The Community

Fallout 76

The new dungeon of Fallout 76, Burrows, does not seem to have been able to fully convince the players: available as part of the Wild Appalachia update, this content did not find the welcome hoped for, with the community that immediately started to point out some problems of the dungeon.

Many players have called Burrows ” too easy and extremely short “, according to Kotaku, a well-equipped player can carry it out in less than half an hour, while in a group it can be completed even in less time.

But this is not the only critical point played by the players, who also speak of ” an empty dungeon, devoid of secrets or intense fighting and that does not bring any real benefit to the lore of Fallout 76 “, a content substantially not rich that once terminated does not prompt you to be re-played.

Todd Howard of Bethesda recently talked about Fallout 76 commenting on the alleged commercial flop of the game stating that “it is played every day by millions of fully satisfied users ” and that ” new content will arrive soon, as you will know we will support Fallout 76 for a long time ” how the criticisms have not affected the developers’ plans, which will continue to work with the aim of satisfying the community.