Fortnite: Dial Durr Burger’s Number On The Big Phone West Of Lethal Land


The new challenges of Week 8 of Fortnite Season 8 are finally available. In this mini-guide, we explain how to complete the step-by-step challenge that requires you to dial Durr Burger’s number on the big phone west of the Landa Lethal.

Below we list all the challenges of the week, highlighting what we will cover in this mini-guide.

Week 8 Fortnite Season 8 Challenges


  • Step 1 of 2: Look for the treasure map sign located in Palmeto Paradisiaco (0/1)
  • Use the Vending Machines in different lots (0/3)
  • Inflict damage to your opponents while using at least one ball (0/100)

Battle Pass

  • Search for puzzle pieces under bridges and in caves (0/7)
  • Step 1 of 2: Dial Durr Burger’s number on the big phone west of Lethal Land (0/1)
  • Eliminate opponents in Deep or Lazy Venture (0/7)
  • Eliminate an opponent from at least 50 meters away (0/2)

To complete this challenge in phases you will have to complete the two steps that make it up:

  • Step 1: Dial Durr Burger’s number on the big phone west of Lethal Land
  • Step 2: Dial the Pizza Pit number on the big phone east of the Neighborhood

The numbers to be dialed are shown on the respective giant phones on the map. Specifically, the Durr Burger number is “555-0152”, while the Pizza Pit number is “555-0198”. To dial telephone numbers, just hit (with the pickaxe or with firearms) the respective numbers in the right order.

At the bottom of the page, you will find the map indicating the position of the two phones. If you need a visual reference to find them more easily, you can watch the two videos at the top and at the bottom of the mini-guide.