Fortnite Skin: Supersonic And Pastel Arrive In The Store, All The News Of April 18th

Fortnite PASTEL

Yesterday Epic Games published the Fortnite 8.40 update which brought lots of new features, including the limited-time Royal Aviation mode, today, as usual, the shop is updated with skins, emotes, picks and many other aesthetic contents…

Particularly noteworthy is the arrival of the ” Supersonic Outfit “, an aviator costume born just to celebrate the arrival of the LTM Royal Aviation and now available in the store at the price of 2,000 V-Buck, a rather high figure but justified by the legendary level of the skin. The Pastel skins (Uncommon, 800 V-Buck) and Assault Troop (Uncommon, 800 V-Buck) also arrive

New Fortnite Skins

  • Skin Supersonic (Legendary) – 2,000 V-Buck
  • Pastel Skin (Uncommon) – 800 V-Buck
  • Pickaxe Sprout (Uncommon) – 500 V-Buck
  • Surefire Hang Glider (Uncommon) – 500 V-Buck
  • Dogfight cover (Not Common) – 300 V-Buck
  • Stealth Black Coverage (Uncommon) – 300 V-Buck
  • Spring Party Coverage (Uncommon) – 300 V-Buck
  • Emote Rocket Rodeo (Epic) – 800 V-Buck
  • Emote Electro Swing (Rare) – 500 V-Buck
  • Skin Insight (Rare) – 1,200 V-Buck
  • Pickaxe Batsickle (Rare) – 800 V-Buck
  • Assault Troop Skin (Uncommon) – 800 V-Buck

This afternoon will start the Challenges of Week 8 among which we find Use the Vending Machines in at least 3 different games, Inflict 100 damage to your opponents while using at least one ball, Search for at least 7 Puzzle tiles under bridges and in caves and Eliminate at least 7 adversaries at Spallondo Stanto and Approdo Avventurato.