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Fortnite Skin: Supersonic And Pastel Arrive In The Store, All The News Of April 18th

Yesterday Epic Games published the Fortnite 8.40 update which brought lots of new features, including the limited-time Royal Aviation mode, today, as usual, the shop is updated with skins, emotes, picks and many other aesthetic contents…

Particularly noteworthy is the arrival of the ” Supersonic Outfit “, an aviator costume born just to celebrate the arrival of the LTM Royal Aviation and now available in the store at the price of 2,000 V-Buck, a rather high figure but justified by the legendary level of the skin. The Pastel skins (Uncommon, 800 V-Buck) and Assault Troop (Uncommon, 800 V-Buck) also arrive

New Fortnite Skins

  • Skin Supersonic (Legendary) – 2,000 V-Buck
  • Pastel Skin (Uncommon) – 800 V-Buck
  • Pickaxe Sprout (Uncommon) – 500 V-Buck
  • Surefire Hang Glider (Uncommon) – 500 V-Buck
  • Dogfight cover (Not Common) – 300 V-Buck
  • Stealth Black Coverage (Uncommon) – 300 V-Buck
  • Spring Party Coverage (Uncommon) – 300 V-Buck
  • Emote Rocket Rodeo (Epic) – 800 V-Buck
  • Emote Electro Swing (Rare) – 500 V-Buck
  • Skin Insight (Rare) – 1,200 V-Buck
  • Pickaxe Batsickle (Rare) – 800 V-Buck
  • Assault Troop Skin (Uncommon) – 800 V-Buck

This afternoon will start the Challenges of Week 8 among which we find Use the Vending Machines in at least 3 different games, Inflict 100 damage to your opponents while using at least one ball, Search for at least 7 Puzzle tiles under bridges and in caves and Eliminate at least 7 adversaries at Spallondo Stanto and Approdo Avventurato.

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