Fortnite World Cup Creative: Epic Games Unveils The New Tournament

Fortnite World Cup Creative

In conjunction with the start of the second week of the Fortnite World Cup Open Online, the leaders of Epic Games are the new eSport tournament dedicated to Fortnite Creative mode fans.

A part of the monstrous one hundred million dollar prize offered by Epic for those wishing to participate in the new Fortnite Battaglia Reale spring tournament, therefore, will be aimed at Creative mode fans.

The official rules of the Fortnite World Cup Creativa are already available on the pages of the official website of Epic Games’ iconic free battle royale: according to US developers, the tournament will include five events for as many Creative Trials, all built by the most imaginative creators of the community.

The events in question will take place from April 29th to June 7th: each week you can try your hand at the most recent creative test by sending your best clip using the special hashtag on YouTube. The fifteen selected participants can then compete in the Creative mode of the finals of the Fortnite World Cup 2019.

The prize for Creative mode will be $3 million, without considering the ancillary initiatives that Epic plans to launch over the next few months.