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Google Stadia: For Amy Hennig Could Foster The Creativity Of Developers

Amy Hennig, a screenwriter known for working on productions like Uncharted and Jak & Daxter (as well as the now defunct Star Wars from Visceral Games ) talked about Google Stadia on the pages of, pointing out how the arrival of this platform can trigger a possible momentum of creativity among developers.

Hennig has long argued that the costs of producing an AAA game are unsustainable for most publishers and this has prompted development teams to focus on standardized ideas while minimizing creative and commercial risks. The screenwriter hopes that streaming platforms like Stadia can instead foster creativity: ” In the world of video games there are those who make risky decisions and those who do not, and the latter is now the majority because they make a mistake. say to lose millions and millions of dollars. Developers and publishers are throwing themselves on the safely used one, take for example the phenomenon of the Battle Royale … “

Hennig then goes on to quote Netflix: ” on Netflix, you can find action films, fiction, cartoons, comedies, romantic films, TV series … I hope that something similar can happen in the world of video games, proposing a catalog broad and diversified, in terms of creativity and innovation streaming could certainly make the difference. “

Do you agree with the words of Amy Hennig?

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