Harry Potter Wizards Unite: Beta Starting In New Zealand, Is The Launch Imminent?

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Niantic Labs has announced that it has launched the Public Beta of the Harry Potter Wizards Unite in New Zealand: the game is now available for download on iOS and Android from the App Store and Google Play, the goal of this phase is to collect valuable feedback for the official launch.

Generally, Soft Launch in New Zealand anticipates publication internationally, which at this point may not be too far away and take place between late spring and early summer. The developers of Pokemon GO have not revealed a precise launch window, merely announcing the entry into Public Beta in New Zealand.

Here is the synopsis released by Niantic: ” In the Harry Potter Wizards Unite, the player’s adventure begins with being recruited as a new member of a Secret Task Force, with the intent to investigate the Calamity, a new threat to the magical world. Artifacts, creatures, characters and even memories of the past, called Foundables, appear randomly in the world of Muggles, and witches and wizards from all over the world will have to go hunting for these elements and return them to their places of origin, all looking for to hide the magic from unsuspecting Muggles Players can then reload spell energy at particular points on the map, where they will also find magical ingredients for special potions, Passports to reach iconic wizarding world locations and much more. “

Pre-registrations are now open on Google Play, players can register to be notified as soon as the Harry Potter Wizards Unite is available for download.