Is Nintendo Switch Preparing To Debut In China Thanks To Tencent?

According to some rumors, Nintendo could soon launch the Switch console in China, not yet available in this territory. The company should have partnered with the Chinese giant Tencent to distribute Switch in the country.

These are the information that emerged from the “Chinese Nintendo” profile that lets us know ” that we have found documents of approval from the Chinese government which states that Tencent will be the sole distributor of Nintendo Switch products in China “, with the console already appearing to be was approved by local bodies, including the Minister of Culture of Guangdong.

In recent months Nintendo has repeatedly winked at the Chinese market, the Switch interface has been supporting this language since last January and some titles have also been located, including Super Smash Bros Ultimate, thanks to the 3.0 update available today. in Italy.

At the moment the Kyoto house has not confirmed anything about the possible debut of the console in China, this morning also new rumors have spread about the launch of Nintendo Switch Mini, scheduled for the end of the year.

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