Pagan Online Available From Today In Early Access

Wargaming and Mad Head Games today launch on Steam and the early access of Pagan Online, an adrenalin-fueled hack n slash action RPG. Pagan Online is now available for 26.99 euros.

Pagan Online follows in the footsteps of the classic dungeon crawlers redefining the genre of action RPGs with sessions-based PVE action, MOBA-style characters and challenging fights that are easy to deal with but difficult to master to the fullest. The game has the following features:

  • Intense session-based PVE gameplay in a wide variety of interactive environments and procedurally generated clashes
  • Eight unlockable characters with unique gameplay styles
  • Challenging fights and WASD controls that require precise tactics and a test run
  • An original fantasy setting inspired by pre-Christian Slavic mythology
  • A single player campaign on five acts with three levels of difficulty for beginners and more experienced players
  • Various game modes that include daily and weekly events, monster hunts, killings and more
  • Infinite loot and crafting system that allows players to customize their appearance and load-out for specific challenges

” With Pagan Online, our goal is to take the action RPG genre to a new level. As we sit on the shoulders of the giants of this kind of games, our goal is to give players a fresh hack’n slash experience so that they can come back to it again and again, “said Jacob Beucler, Publishing Director at Wargaming. ” Early access is the first step to bring Pagan Online into the hands of players all over the world while we continue our work of finishing and cleaning the game .”

“ We are really excited and proud to bring this project full of passion into early access and we can’t wait to hear what the players think“, Said Uros Banjesevic, Chief Creative Officer of Mad Head Games. “Player feedback is incredibly important to us and we look forward to working with the community as we continue to expand the game. We want to make Pagan Online a title in which action RPG fans can literally sink their teeth and the community will play a fundamental role in this process “.

At the launch of the early access, Pagan Online is a single player experience, with a cooperative mode coming soon. New content will be added to the game in the coming months, including new zones, new enemies and new extensions of history.