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Pokemon Go: Available Now Shiny Lapras And Shiny Shuckle

The chromatic versions of Lapras and Shuckle (Shiny Lapras and Shiny Shuckle) have made their appearance in Pokemon GO, at the moment unfortunately only in the area of ​​Sentosa, in Singapore, in the first safari area of ​​the world dedicated to the game of Niantic.

In fact, an event was held in Singapore during which an area dedicated to Pokémon GO was set up, with lots of real Pokéstops, gyms and more. Part of the initiative, a little surprising, was the launch of the two extremely rare creatures, so much so that they were not available anywhere else in the world. 

The event will last from 18 to 22 April, and these days the lucky visitors to the area will be able to get their shiny versions of Lapras and Shuckle. Some have already started posting their own screenshots with little creatures on the Internet. For the moment it is not clear if and when the two Pokémon will be made available also in other parts of the world, or if they will remain exclusive to jealously guard for those who attended the event, which proved, as expected, a success. 

According to Niantic, in fact, there was only a limited number of tickets, about 125 thousand, to ensure greater security and a sufficient amount of bandwidth for everyone, which of course was pulverized. 80% of tickets went to local people, while the remaining 20 went to tourists. Envious? 

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