The Ninja Warriors: Once Again Will Arrive On Both Switch And Ps4

The Ninja Warrior

Good news for lovers of old-school video games. The Ninja Warriors: Once Again announced for Nintendo Switch, will also arrive on PlayStation 4 in Japan in July, as announced by publisher Taito and developer Natsume Atari.

The original game, The Ninja Warriors, was released back in 1987, and was revisited in 1994 on Super Nintendo with The Ninja Warriors: Again . 25 years later comes a new version, The Ninja Warriors: Once Again, a remake produced by the same team of developers of the original video game, Tengo Project .

The game will maintain the same 16-bit style, but it will obviously significantly improve the resolution and the graphics in general, to meet the technical specifications of the current hardware.

The Ninja Warriors: Once Again will re-propose the three originally playable characters, plus two new protagonists called Yaksha and Raiden. A new addition is also represented by the possibility of completing the co-op adventure, a feature that was not available in the previous titles.

You can take a look at the first official images of the game in the gallery at the bottom of the news, but meanwhile, we remind you that a western exit of the game has not yet been confirmed. What do you think? Would you like to brush up on this great classic, if it were also proposed by us?