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Apex Legends: Dr. Disrespect Predicts The Premature End H1z1 Style

The spectrum of H1Z1 is evoked all too often in these last days. First Ninja, which foretold the sunset of Fortnite exactly like H1Z1 and, now, the good Dr. DisRespect who said the same thing for Apex Legends.

Dr. Disrespect recently expressed his fear that the title Respawn and EA is taking a path similar to the one that condemned without appeal one of the founders of the genus battle royale.

Apex Legends, at the time of its launch in February, has climbed all the rankings, reaching over twenty-five million players in no time. Since then, however, the title has lost momentum between Twitch streamer and viewers. Now the title is barely among the top 10 contents observed on Twitch.

Many of the great streamers have already moved away from the title, like Shroud and the Doctor has issued his own verdict, saying that the reason is simple: there is the risk that he will end up H1Z1.

Why is H1Z1 cited as an example of epic failure? Unpopular choices on the part of the developers, together with poor updates have decreed the premature death of the title. Apex Legends is certainly far from reaching this point but according to Dr. Disrespect, if Respawn continues on this path without making weight updates, the future is written.

Furthermore, he states that the game still lacks several key features: ” Whether it’s content or quality of game optimization, from hacker elimination to server quality “. ” I hope EA realizes it because they have a fun product for their hands .”

At the moment, only time will tell if Apex Legends (or Fortnite) will end up making the end of H1Z1. Respawn is currently doing everything possible with the first year roadmap.

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