Apex Legends: Is The Magic Moment Over? Crisis Of Numbers For The Battle Royale


Apex Legends has really experienced a golden age, especially during the first month since its release. The Titanfall Battle Royale of the authors has in fact ground impressive numbers, reaching 50 million players in no time and following Fortnite, a giant of the genre.

Nothing lasts forever though, and it is with this in mind that the decline that seems to go towards the Respawn Battle Royale in the last period is probably to be seen. Some not-so-good patches and rather annoying bugs have caused the general interest in the game to go down a lot, and in fact, the numbers don’t lie.

Since the peak of 200,000 views on Twitch in the first few weeks, currently the average Apex Legends has been around 50,000, and most of the community has moved back to Fortnite.

The giant of Epic Games in fact continues to be preferred, both because of its ease of use, and because with updates that now come on a weekly basis, there is always something new to do. Without considering the arrival of the Fortnite World Cup, which will attract the attention of the Pro Players, and even Dr. Disrespect predicted the end of Apex Legends, giving it as close as ever.

In short, the title of Respawn, after a great start that surprised almost everyone, struggled to keep up with the competition. Was it really a flash in the pan?