Apex Legends: Mirage Can Shoot From Invisible Thanks To A Bug

Apex Legends Mirage

In the last hours, an Apex Legends player made a discovery that could be far more dangerous than the funny glitch involving Caustic and Gibraltar.

This time the bug concerns Wraith and Mirage, who can combine their Ultimate to make the hero able to generate very dangerous baits for a few seconds. If Mirage, in fact, activates its own definitive ability, which makes it invisible for a while without giving it the possibility of using weapons, and crosses the portals created by Wraith, the legend will continue to be invisible but will also be able to fire for a period of 3-5 seconds , enough to eliminate just one opponent. The details on the bug are already spreading among enthusiasts, so it is only a matter of hours before they even reach the ears of the development team that will provide a patch with the next update.

We remind you that the patch of the past few days has improved the features of Gibraltar and Caustic as well as giving some touches to weapons like the Havoc, the Longbow, the Spitfire and the Wingman. It also appears that the game is now much less popular on Twitch, where it even dominated Fortnite in the first few weeks after launch.