Fortnite: Are The Radioactive Smoke Grenades On The Way?

Fortnite Radioactive smoke

As has been the tradition for every Fortnite Battaglia Reale update, the dataminer set to work on the new game files to find every little secret.

It appears that among the novelties of the Epic Games battle royale there is a new gadget called Radioactive Smoke Grenade. The object in question should replace the now old smoke grenade, considered to be of little use by game enthusiasts. Although the details of this consumable are not known, it is very likely that it has the purpose of reducing the visibility of the opponents and at the same time inflicting a very low amount of damage over time. At the moment there is no information on the possible release date of the radioactive smoke grenades but it is very likely that they will arrive with the update next week.

We remind you that the fun egg-launcher to celebrate the Easter holidays has also arrived in the game. The store also features the brand new Pastel skin and the legendary Supersonic costume, featuring 4 alternative styles. Did you know that the timed mode with Thanos could come back just in time for the release of Avengers: Endgame?