Fortnite: Courage And Ninja Still Attack ‘Epic Games’ Battle Royale


Jack “CouRage” Dunlop and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins literally blew up the Fortnite case after the last update made no major changes to the previous situation, which had already caused the tummy of the community.

On March 27, Epic Games introduced the v8.20 update, which canceled a series of changes in season 7 and reduced the amount of material produced, so as to force players to long sessions of useless farming before they could kick off the dances.

Many important Fortnite players, including CouRage and Ninja, have expressed all their discontent over the uselessness of the update and have promoted complaints with Epic.

CouRage, in a recent live, refers to the fact that upgrading to version 8.40has not changed anything about the game dynamics. CouRage has vented by stating that he wants to play ” Fortnite and not Farmnite “.

There has not yet been any official stance taken by Epic Games regarding criticisms of the v8.20 update. Nor have they indicated any intention to retrace their steps. In short, it does not seem to be a quiet period for the battle royale, whose competitive part seems to be damaged by the shadow of the cheating scandal. We’ll see how the situation evolves. Watch the Twitch video here.