Fortnite: How To Find And Use The Egg Spear

Fortnite egg spear

The recent Fortnite update 8.40 introduced the Lancia Eggs, a reskin of the Easter themed launcher. In this mini-guide, we explain how to get it during the games and how to use it on the battlefield.

To celebrate the Easter holidays, Epic Games has decided to reintroduce the Egg Lance inside Fortnite Royal Battle. Let’s see how to get this weapon in the game, and how to best use it against opponents.

How to get and use Fortnite Egg Lance

The Egg Lance looks like a simple Reskin of the Grenade Launcher. Apart from shooting colorful Easter eggs instead of grenades, there is no substantial difference in terms of statistics and weapon operation.

Just like the Grenade Launcher, the Egg Spear can be used to eliminate enemies, damage structures and inflict damage with area impact. Learn to master the egg range so you can hit your targets with the right precision.

How can I get the Egg Lance? This Easter-themed reskins by Lanciagranate can be obtained as a legendary drop (gold), counting on a fair amount of luck. Once you have got it, you just need to rain a storm of Easter eggs on your opponents. If you want to see the Egg Lance in action, take a look at the movie on top.

Recall that in the meantime are available Challenges of Week 8 of Fortnite Season 8. Did you manage to complete them?