Fortnite Ruin: How To Unlock The Secret Skin Of Season 8

Fortnite Ruin

Yesterday, Epic Fames launched the Fortnite challenges of week 8, which means that players will finally be able to complete all the challenges of season 8 and unlock the secret Ruin skin.

Rovina is an exclusive costume for owners of the Battle Pass Season 8 and as you can imagine this skin can only be unlocked during this season, exactly as it happened for Il Prigioniero during the season 7.

But how to get the ruin costume? This skin can be unlocked by completing all 55 weekly challenges, the latest made available just yesterday. After successfully completing all the objectives, the covert Ruin skin will be automatically added to the locker and can be used without restrictions right away.

Of course, as mentioned, this costume is exclusive to Battle Pass holders. Season 8cannot, therefore, be unlocked by those who only access free challenges. On you will find the guide to the challenges of the week 8 which will allow you to quickly complete all the missions scheduled for this week, including Search for the treasure map in Palmeto Paradisiaco,
Search for puzzle pieces under bridges and in caves Inflict damage to your opponents while using at least one ball.