Fortnite: The New Patch 8.40.1 Solves The Problems Introduced By The Previous One

Now it seems to have become a habit. Also this week, Epic Games was forced to publish a “patch patch”: today, in fact, 8.40.1 arrived, which solved all the problems introduced by Fortnite update 8.40 last Wednesday.

In the Royal Battle mode it has solved the following problems:

  • Players in the arena appeared to be an incorrect display as if they were demoted to a lower division. It was only a display problem, the players were not really demoted to a lower division). Now the correct division is shown for each player;
  • The Black Heart beard grew uncontrollably in the MAT Battle with food – Frying, covering much of the player’s screen. Now Black Heart has been to the barber and his beard has returned to its former glory.
  • After playing a game in the real MAT Aviation, the bushes no longer appeared in any game mode.
  • In the user interface of the MAT Battaglia with food – Frying missing ally indicators and plaques.
  • The extra buttons on mobile devices did not work properly when they alternated quickly between the selection of a dedicated weapon and the construction buttons.

In the Creative mode, which has recently been enhanced with the new Ordigno object, stability improvements have been made, while in the Shop the countdown has been adjusted, showing an incorrect time. Finally, in all modes, a bug was fixed that prevented throwable objects from inflicting damage if they were the last ones consumed in a pile.