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GTA Online: Double Rewards Are Returned For Missions Received From Contacts

This week, until April 24th, on GTA Online it will be possible to get double rewards in all missions received from contacts. You can take on these missions alone or with your team and you will receive a bonus in GTA $ if you complete them as a member of a group.

Double rewards are also available for the final blow Apocalypse risk: hidden inside Mount Chiliad, a nuclear warhead is ready to destroy the world as we know it. The player will, therefore, have to infiltrate the base, prevent the warhead from being thrown and then escape with the jetpack to the bank.

Occupation mode also includes double GTA $ and RP: the team that occupies the most zones accumulates points faster, and the first team to reach the predetermined score wins the round.

The weekend of double rewards also covers the manhunt and juggernaut modes.

Also this week, those who log in to GTA Online will get the Skull livery for the Mammoth Avenger and the TM-02 Khanjali.

To help you prepare for the apocalypse, Maze Bank Foreclosures and Warstock Cache & Carry have teamed up and offer you a 40% discount on operational bases and armed vehicles:

  • Operational bases
  • Additions and restructuring for the operational bases
  • Pegassi Oppressor
  • TM-02 Khanjali
  • HVY Chernobog
  • Mammoth Avenger and renovations
  • HVY Menacer
  • Mammoth Thruster

Next week (from April 25th to May 1st) Rockstar Games will give all the owners of the MC 250,000 GTA $ clubhouse. If you still need to get a decent home for your bike, this week you can grab the Great Chaparral clubhouse at the lowest price ever of 50,000 GTA $ (75% discount).

And to help you get your filthy business off the ground, you can buy the counterfeit banknote factory in the Grand Senora Desert for 100,000 GTA $ (89% discount) until April 24th.

If you have 20,000 GTA $ at your disposal and the courage to face seven other drivers to finish on the podium, you can participate in the premium races by starting them from the “Quick Match” menu on your game phone or from the yellow circle to Legion Square.

The winner will win 100,000 GTA $, the second 30,000 GTA $ and the third 20,000 GTA $.

  • April 18: Criminal precedents (only for supercars)
  • From April 19 to 22: Route 68 (muscle car only)
  • April 23/24: Wiwang Park (only for sports cars)


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