Nintendo Shares Are Flying After Rumors Of Switch’s Distribution In China

Yesterday we told you about some rumors about the possible arrival of Nintendo Switch on the Chinese market. In fact, it seems that the Great N has reached a shrewdness, not yet formalized, with Tencent, precisely in anticipation of distribution of the console in China.

The news did not leave the investors indifferent, who seems to have bet hard on the company’s shares, which closed the day with a 14% rise, Nintendo’s best result since last October.

In recent days, the Chinese government seems to have approved the arrival of Nintendo Switch and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe on its territory, although according to analysts, it will still take some time before seeing the products of the house of Kyoto in China.

In fact, other approvals by the Chinese authorities are needed, and therefore rather lengthy bureaucratic processes. In 2014 the government eliminated the videogame console ban that had lasted for 14 years. Sony and Microsoft have therefore already been present on the market for some years, but because of the ban on consoles, Chinese players seem to prefer PC gaming. Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, due to its hybrid and portable nature, could, therefore, change the cards a bit. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, we continue to talk about new versions of Nintendo Switch: it seems that the future of Nintendo’s console still requires a lot of meat.