Overwatch: The New Havana Map Is Available On The PTR

Confirming the rumors of the past few days, Blizzard has just updated the PTR (Public Test Realm) version of Overwatch on PC with a brand new map, Havana.

If you have played the upcoming PvE Storm event, know that this is exactly the area you fought in the past few days. The development team has in fact chosen to repeat what they did last year with Rialto, proposing the same PvE map even in competitive modes. As it is possible to see in the very short film published on the official Twitter profile of the game, it is an assault map, or to win you will have to escort (or hinder) the load.

To download the PTR version of Overwatch, which is available exclusively on PC, you will need to start the Battle.net client and, in the tab where you can select the region of the game, choose Public test region.

We remind you that to celebrate the new event Archivi the game can be played for free until next April 23, 2019, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (Battle.net).