PS5 Games: A Leak Reveals Battlefield Bad Company 3, GTA 6 And Harry Potter?

This week Mark Cerny has unveiled the PS5 technical specifications and also talked about games for the new console, revealing how Sony has in mind a “soft” approach that will lead to the production of numerous Cross-Gen titles for PS4 / PS5. A leak now seems to reveal some of these games.

DeXerto released a list originally shared last December on 4Chan, Reddit and ResetERA but went unnoticed until today, when Cerny started talking officially about PlayStation 5, a factor that seems to have made this rumor gain new credibility.

According to the author, among the games currently under development for PS5 (and probably Xbox One, PS4 and Xbox Scarlett) we find Grand Theft Auto VI, the new Assassin’s Creed ( codename Assassin’s Creed Legion ), Battlefield Bad Company 3 of DICE is the new mysterious Harry Potter game produced by WB Games.

Among the exclusives, a new Gran Turismo (Gran Turismo 7 with VR support?) And the PS5 versions of The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima are mentioned, to which Marvel’s Spider-Man could also be added (or maybe Marvel’s Spider-Man ) and Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima.

At the moment we reiterate that the titles mentioned are only the result of rumor and speculation, so take what has been reported with due precautions pending confirmation or denial.