Rage 2 Will Not Be A Game As A Service, Assures Tim Willits

The controversies that have accompanied the problematic launch of projects such as Anthem and Fallout 76 are pushing many enthusiasts and workers in the sector to ask themselves how much it can be healthy for the videogame industry to widely adopt the so-called “Games as Services” formula.

Without going into the merits of the criticisms made by area journalists and the gamer community, Tim Willits took advantage of the opportunity offered by the editors of GameSpot to explain, as director of id Software, what approach he decided to adapt to give shape to RAGE 2 together with the Avalanche studios on behalf of Bethesda.

“No, it will not be a ‘Game as a Service’ but simply a game that we will support long after the launch,” said Willits adding immediately after “I don’t know, it’s so hard to find a perfect definition for what the Games actually are as Services (from the English “Games as a Service” or “GaaS” , ed . ) . Many people think differently about this kind of definitions and I might have confused someone when I started talking about RAGE 2 “ .

“What we are planning to do” , concludes the boss of id Software, “is to create updates and content for this game after the launch. So we will monitor the game, check the reactions of the fans, accept the requests received from the community and update the title “It’s not a free-to-play or that kind of game that needs a subscription but I assure you that it will be supported for a long time . 

Recently, Tim Willits showed new game scenes on the Arche of RAGE 2 to fuel the expectation of fans for the release of this ambitious open-world shooter, scheduled for the upcoming May 14 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.