The Division 2: Discovered An Easter Egg On Spider-Man


Like most open world games, even The Division 2 is full of curiosities and secrets to be discovered, and it seems that a user has discovered just in the last hours, a delicious easter egg dedicated to Marvel’s Spider-Man, the title of Insomniac on ‘Spiderman’.

In the video game, in fact, there is one of Spider-Man’s backpacks, which in the title dedicated to him are scattered around New York and contain some rewards. Often, these backpacks are attached to the wall with cobwebs, and it is one of these that is hidden inside The Division 2.

Once the reference has been discovered, some theories have already started about how The Division 2 and Spider-Man are set in the same universe, but more likely it is simply a fun way to “give five” to Insomniac Games for the excellent title developed, given the great success it has achieved.

The presence of Spidey’s backpack, however, we are sure that it will spur players to look for more easter eggs and given the vastness of the world, it is possible that in the near future many other interesting references will come to light. What will you hide in the gaming world of The Division 2? We just have to wait for the next discovery. If you would like to find yourself looking for various clues, The Division 2 is on offer until April 23rd, while recently The Division 2 patch 2.1 was released.