The Last Of Us Part II: Here Is Ellie And Joel In The Most Ambitious Scene For Naughty Dog

That The Last of Us Part II will have several touching moments was understood immediately, already from the long trailer shown at the last E3, which had impressed both the insiders and the gamer community, who can’t wait to put the hands on the game.

One scene, in particular, seems to be particularly moving and exciting and was defined by Neil Druckmann the most ambitious scene shot by Naughty Dog in general. The software house boss just posted a picture of Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson on Twitter, playing Joel and Ellie at the end of the shooting of the above scene.

At the moment there is little information on The Last of Us Part II: for example, the role of Joel himself is not known, even if given the story just told, he will certainly play an important part in the game.

The release date of The Last of Us Part II is not clear. Many aimed at the end of 2019 as a probable launch period, while according to some rumors it will be a cross-gen game, and that The Last of Us Part II will also be released on PlayStation 5, whose arrival is scheduled for 2020. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, given the scene in question, we have all the time in the world available to stock up on handkerchiefs.