Borderlands 3 Video Traces

The New Borderlands 3 Video Traces The History Of The Series

While waiting for May 1st to admire a new Borderlands 3 gameplay trailer, the authors of Gearbox Software make a video to quickly summarize the events experienced by the Crypt Hunters of the previous chapters of this iconic open-world shooter series.

From the encounter with Claptrap’s automaton paste to the furious interplanetary battle to crush the robot armies of Jack the Fair, the video refreshes the memory of long-time users and allows new fans of the Gearbox looter shooter to familiarize themselves with the setting narrative of the saga to prepare properly for the new adventure that awaits them in the immense game world of Borderlands 3.

As mentioned above, the US team led by Randy Pitchford will dedicate the new live streaming event of May 1st to the gameplay mechanics, to the skills of the four Crypt Hunters, to the explorable settings, to the rich endgame to the dynamics related to the acquisition and to the evolution of weapons.

The good Daniele D’Orefice celebrated the explosive return of the Gearbox series by creating a special on Borderlands that helps us to deceive the wait for the marketing of the new chapter, scheduled for next September 13 on PC (in exclusive Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And this, without forgetting that the Game of the Year Edition of the first Borderlands has been available for a few days.

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