Xbox Scarlett

Will Xbox Scarlett Be More Powerful Than PS5? Some Insiders Say

In the week, Mark Cerny has unveiled the technical features of PS5 that have literally left the majority of the community in awe, especially with regard to support for Ray Tracing, 8K and the presence of an SSD disk.

Microsoft has not yet revealed the features of Scarlett (probably it will do so during the Xbox E3 2019 conferencescheduled for June 9th ), however, according to journalist Ainsley Bowden on Twitter, ” Xbox Scarlett will be much more powerful than PlayStation 5″, with reference to the version called Anaconda , which should complement the more inexpensive Lockhart model.

The indiscretion comes from some insiders considered particularly reliable by the journalist, however, these did not want to provide other details, limiting themselves to reiterating that on a technical level the new Microsoft console will be more powerful than its rival Sony.

At the moment we do not know when Xbox Scarlett will see the light, in all probability Microsoft is aiming for a launch between the end of 2019 and 2020, we will know more at E3 in June …

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