Fortnite 8.50: Epic Games Illustrates The Main Innovations Of The Next Update

Fortnite 8.50

After banning more than a thousand cheaters from the Fortnite World Cup 2019 tournament, the authors of Epic Games intervene on Reddit to answer questions from fans of their iconic free-to-play shooter and illustrate what’s new in the 8.50 update.

As illustrated by US authors, the next Fortnite update will help to solve the most annoying bugs and glitches that emerged with the latest update. But not only.

Always through the patch 8.50 will, in fact, be overcome the problem of the missing audio that has been dragging on for several weeks now. No less important will be the interventions that will involve the looting system and the game dynamics linked to the use of the Traps: in the first case, Epic promises to modify the function of the “Change Weapon” button to prevent users from losing game seconds precious in the choice of the items to equip in the challenges of Fortnite Battaglia Reale, while in the second case the problem of erroneous positioning of the traps on the floor or directly in the center of the “virtual” construction box will be definitively solved .

Fortnite’s 8.50 update is expected to arrive on PCs, consoles and mobile systems in conjunction with the next weekly activity reset, scheduled for Tuesday, April 23rd and Wednesday 24. You also knew that the Loot Lake Rune started to move and that the data miner of Fortnite are they assured of the fact that the opening event of Season 9 will lead to nothing less than an Alien Invasion?