Minecraft Next-Gen

Minecraft Next-Gen: Digital Foundry Tests The Potential Of Ray Tracing

Bewitched by the demonstrative films of the next-gen mod of Minecraft SEUS PTGI of Sonic Ether, the guys from Digital Foundry decide to spend Easter testing the latest Nvidia GTX and RTX GPUs with this hyper-realistic mod that adds Ray Tracing lighting.

In addition to updating the original blocks with the introduction of very high resolution textures and more advanced shaders for water and lava, the Sonic Ether mod implements a Path-Tracing technique that distorts the dynamic lighting system by simulating the Ray Tracing technology used in titles like Battlefield 5, Metro Exodus and, presumably, on all titles that will run on next-gen consoles, judging by the technical specifications of PS5 pitted by Mark Cerny of Sony.

The tests conducted by the Digital Foundry team focus on the potential of Ray Tracing and, in this case, on the hardware resources required to obtain these results on PCs equipped with Nvidia graphics cards, from the GPU 1070 GTX to the very latest 2080 RTX Ti.

At the top of the article you will find their video analysis: for those who want to experience the wonders of Ray Tracing, let’s remember that the SEUS PTGI mod is still in development. The preliminary version of the mod in question, with the related rendering algorithm used to “simulate” the Ray Tracing, can be downloaded only by those who participate in the fundraising campaign launched by the inventor Sonic Ether on the pages of Patreon.

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