New Nintendo Switch: A Fan Tries To Imagine It With A Shell Design

The rumors connected to the new version of Nintendo Switch are becoming more and more insistent, although on the net some images have not yet emerged that could suggest the design. The user of Reddit known as DookieNYC thus tries to hypothesize its shape and functionality by creating the Switch Flip concept.

The idea of the redditor is rather simple and takes its cue from the indications provided by the rumors: the Nintendo Switch Flip concept proposes a folding shell design, with a 6-inch screen on the top and a touchpad on the bottom, in addition to all the analog buttons, keys and sticks of the original version of the Grande N hybrid console .

Regardless of this concept, however, the rumors about the new version of Switch refer to Nintendo’s desire to design two specific Switch models: a Mini (or Lite) to meet the tastes and needs of a wider audience with a price of more aggressive launch and the inability to use it in Docked mode on your TV, while the second model, called Pro, should represent the mid-gen version of Switch and guarantee better performance in a way not too dissimilar from what proposed by Sony and Microsoft with PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

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