Star Citizen Author Defends Anthem: Bioware Can Still Fix It


In an interview published in the pages of Newsweek, Chris Roberts discussed Anthem’s problems and the criticisms leveled at Electronic Arts and the BioWare guys, especially after Jason Schreier published the now famous article that went over it the painful development period.

“I played Anthem and there are a lot of good things in that title,” said the creator of Star Cyclen ‘s gigantic project before adding that “it has things that work very well, but also things that don’t work as they should and things that don’t work at all. It’s a lot like what I’m trying to do with Star Citizen, it’s a continuous development project, iterating something that will improve over time, I just hope EA and BioWare don’t surrender, they must commit to developing and improving it to make it work”.

In photographing the delicate period lived by BioWare, Roberts invites us to look at No Man’s Sky and the profuse passion of Sean Murray and his development team to overcome the criticalities of the launch title through the publication of updates that have helped to evolve the project: “There were only 13 people developing No Man’s Sky and watching what they managed to pull off. […] The initial problem was that the expectations of the players were so far from reality, they imagined all these extra things that they could not enter the game, they suffered a huge amount of criticism, but they committed themselves and continued to update and improve it. Now the perception of that game has changed and the same thing can happen with Anthem “.

The same boss of Cloud Imperium Games admits, however, that “part of the problem is that Anthem carries with it the bad reputation of EA and people are predisposed to criticize it because they believe that EA ruins everything. People then remember the problematic development of Mass Effect Andromeda and believes that EA has once again prompted BioWare to meet stringent launch times, I do not know if this is true or not, but certainly, Kotaku’s article has helped fuel the flames and fuel the tones already turned on this discussion”.

As for the future of Anthem , BioWare’s top management would seem willing to “change pace” and overcome this crisis : the Electronic Arts Canadian subsidiary has in fact set about looking for a new Loot System Designer that will help improve the ski block endgame -fi that, meanwhile, continues to be criticized by fans, as evidenced by the merciless rejection obtained in a recent survey of Reddit users.